Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Marketing Today starts a blog for marketers.

Okay, it took a while to jump on the blog bandwagon, but here it is. No editing, just informal, shoot from the hip insights and opinions on marketing with an occasional typo, grammatical error and, hopefully, a sense of humor.

I will be covering marketing strategies, marketing communications, emarketing, trends, technologies, products, companies, campaigns...with a special emphasis on online marketing and business-to-business marketing, my areas of specialty. Whether it is an article on Marketing Today or somewhere else, if it relates to marketing, and in particular, if it relates to online marketing (AKA e-marketing) or business-to-business marketing, it is within scope. I will also try to pass on marketing job opportunities (where I am given permission) I hear about from marketing recruiters. Recruiters, please feel free to email me opportunities, I will publish legitimate marketing opportunities at no cost.

I will attempt to inform, share and even entertain with Marketing Today Blog. I hope you will join me.

- Peter DeLegge


Robert said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Peter. Nice to see a new Marketing blog. I've added you to my blogroll. Best wishes. - Robert

Ramaswamy Dharma said...

Mr.Peter,nice to know a seperate blog for marketmen and it gives ample scope to give more news abt marketing management . I am Ramaswamy Dharma from INDIA with more than 20 years of Marketing management consultancy and career guidance experience. I would like to share my experiences with yr bloggers,..with regards..R.Dharma

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, Why didn't you mention this new blog in your article "Business Blogs – Beyond the Hype"? The fact that you launched a blog seems to give them more weight than you gave them in the article.

Marketing Today Blog said...

Re-read my article. I didn't say or imply blogs are unimportant. In fact, I compared blogs to online advertising's evolution. Like online advertising, once thought of as only good for direct marketing and not "branding," blogs are currently being overhyped and misunderstood.

I think that blogs make a lot of sense for many B2B and B2C companies, not-for-profits, thought leaders, politicians, influencers, celebrities, athletes, technologists, business mavens, researchers, designers, artists, etc. Tom Peters is someone who is and should be blogging, so is Bono from U2.

But there's also way too much noise in the blogosphere. Does the world crave to see propoganda from the PR department that is disguised as sincerety? No, and they are getting more savvy about detecting it. Maybe it's time for creativity -- fun stuff, like humorous or kitsch blogs that inspire buzz and sincerety. Not many commercial/company blogs are doing these things well and not many consultants are pushing that.